Klang(!) (2002) 18′

for brass band & electronics (playback)

Score: Klang(!) for brassband and ellectronics

Commissioned by Jaren Hornmusikkforening with support from Arts Council Norway, Gran Kommune and Oppland Fylkeskommune.

First performance January 27, 2002 by Jaren Hornmusikkforening conducted by Helge Haukås.

Klang(!) is Matre’s first piece for brass band, which he wrote at the age of 21. It was commissioned by Jaren Hornmusikkforening in 2001 with support from the Arts Council Norway.  It was given its premiere at the Norwegian Brass Band Championship in 2002, by the same band under the direction of Helge Haukås.  Since then it has been performed numerous times.

The title of the piece indicates that the brass band sound has been a vital element in the piece’s musical form.  The exclamation mark in brackets also tells us that the title can be read as an allusion to the opening sound of the piece. A metallic sound of percussion opens the piece and this ancient sound forms the basis for the entire piece’s harmonic and majestic material.  Klang(!) is made up of three contrasting parts joined together by two electro-acoustic interludes which are based on sound bytes from the brass band.

Klang(!) was selected as test piece in the Norwegian Brass Band Championships 2006.