Lyric Pieces (2019) 19′

for orchestra – – 3Perc – Harp – Pf/Cel – Strings – Electronics (playback)

Commissioned by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

First performance November 14, 2019 in Bergen (N), by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Edward Gardner.

Video from Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra’s premiere November 14, 2019.

Lyric Pieces

Arietta | Book I, Op. 12, No. 1
After a complete version of Grieg’s piano piece, played on a piano in front of the orchestra, a slow motion version with composed delay effects appears in the orchestra.

Spring dance | Book II, Op. 38, No. 5

Although Spring Dance is the traditional translation of the Norwegian Springdans, the word refers to its sense in English of “leap” or “jump” rather than to the season “spring”. The folk dance setting is transformed into a minimalistic play on some of the motifs from Grieg’s original.

Solitary Traveller | Book III, Op. 43, No. 2
Grieg’s melancholic melody is combined with motifs and instrumentation techniques from Ørjan Matre’s orchestral piece Different Stories.

Butterfly | Book III, Op. 43, No. 1
The extreme rubato of Grieg’s own playing (as heard in the 1903-recordings) is amplified and transformed into orchestral swarms of butterflies.

Bell Ringing | Book V, Op. 64, No. 6
Grieg’s original instrumentation of Bell Ringing is combined with instrumentations of spectral analyses of different bell sounds.

Remembrances | Book X, Op. 71, No. 7
A recording of Grieg playing Remembrances is played back through loudspeakers, accompanied by the orchestra.