KODE – Composer in residence

Ørjan Matre (Photo: Anette Basso)

Photo: Anette Basso

Ørjan Matre is KODE´s (Art Museums of Bergen) 2023 composer in residence.

Each year a new composer is chosen to take on this role. During the year, the resident composer has the opportunity to curate concerts, lectures and content in social media, in addition to composing a brand new work which is performed towards the end of the term.

Each composer has their own twist on how they want to shape their time at Kode. In the past, Wolfgang Plagge and Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi have held the role as KODE´s composer in residence.

Matre will present several different projects and concerts throughout the year, and is also developing a project that revolves around his own composer’s home.

Read KODE´s presentation of Ørjan Matre here.