Händel Mixtapes (2008) 9′

for two tape recorders and orchestra

2(1)-2-2-2 4-3-3-1 timp perc:2 hp str + 2 tape recorders

Score: Händel Mixtapes

Commissioned by The Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

First (live) performance by Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra September 9, 2010 in Kristiansand.

Händel Mixtapes was commissioned by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra to be part of the European Broadcasting Unions celebration of Händel in 2009. The commissioned included a minuet from Water Music that should somehow be included in the piece. In Händel Mixtapes, Händel’s original composition is played by the orchestra and recorded and played back using two tape recorders. The minuet gradually erodes away and are assimilated by modern orchestral textures.